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let's make your hair like, really pretty.

starting prices only - subject to change based on hair, goals & stylist.

all services priced to include wash & style unless otherwise specified.

blonding & bronding

blonding & bronding

'blonding' sessions encompass any lightening techniques your stylist see's fit for your desired end result. blonding sessions are more focused on the time needed, vs. the technique. instead of having a variety of lightening services such as highlights, balayage, foiliyage, etc. - we just make it simple and call it all 'blonding' for the sake of easy booking! 

but what about 'bronding'? think of it as blonding - but for brunettes. we will do whatever variety of techniques are needed to give you a dimensional, rich brunette or  'bronde' color. 

unsure what to book? book a consultation online :) 

mini $300+

half head / "partial lightening".

includes haircut, toner, shampoo & style

maintenance $350+

maintain your look with minor tweaks & have normal hair density.

includes haircut, toner, shampoo & style

mega $400+

looking for a change, have long/thick hair and/or previous color to lift through.

includes haircut, toner, shampoo & style

transformation - hourly rate

in need of "corrective blonding", to even out your color pallet or have very long/thick hair that will require much more time & attention.

*consultation recommended

includes toner, shampoo & style

add on

color retouch w/ blonding or bronding service $70

this is an add on service to a blonding appt. only. grey coverage / color retouch.


color retouch $135+

grey coverage, roots only.

includes toner, shampoo & style

all over color $185+

one color, roots to ends.

includes toner, shampoo & style

gloss & style $120+

single gloss / toner refresh.

includes toner, shampoo & style

corrective color - hourly rate

*consultation required

add on

gloss w/ service $50

toner / gloss add on to haircut or color retouch

accent blonding w/ color service $70

this is an add on service to a color appt. only. (10 foils & under)

cut & design

essentials haircut $100+

from a trim, to a change in length.

includes includes a hydration mask, shampoo & style

LUX haircut $125+

from a trim, to a change in length.

includes our 'make it LUX' treatment, shampoo & style 

this is a customized R+Co treatment specifically chosen by your stylist to fit unique hair / scalp needs.

repair haircut $140+

from a trim, to a change in length.

includes a full K18 peptide repair treatment, shampoo & style

K18 repairs your hair on a molecular level to improve breakage, restore strength and add insane softness & shine back into to the hair.

creative haircut $110+

shag, razor / textured cut, or a big transformational cut - a 'creative cut' allows for a little more time to let creativity flow.

includes shampoo & style

curly haircut $115+

this cut is for the curly clients who know their curls deserve more - more time, more attention, and more expertise.

includes a hydration mask, shampoo & style

CURLY HAIRCUT GUIDELINES: arrive with clean hair, styled as youu would typically wear it with minimal product. no buns or braids as this can take away time from the appt to detangle and visualize how the hair naturally wants to fall

pixie / clipper haircut $50

very short haircut / clipper cut.

includes shampoo & style

smoothing | brazilian blowout

Brazilian Blowout is a smoothing treatment that eliminates frizz, improves hair health & cuts down dry time up to 50% - making your hair much more manageable day to day. this service takes about 2 - 3 hours in salon (depending on density & desired end result), and lasts up to 12 weeks.

brazilian blowout $370+

includes shampoo & style

r+co concentrate treatment

r+co concentrate treatment $25

we have 7 different R+Co concentrate treatments that will give your hair life by improving your hair health & maximizing shine. your stylist will choose the best fitted treatment for the needs of your hair. this service will be done at the shampoo bowl as an add on service to any blonding, color, cut or blowout service.

select the "MAKE IT LUX" add on when booking online

K18 molecular repair treatment

K18 molecular repair treatment $40

K18 is a molecular repair mask to help repair and strengthen the hair from a molecular level within. K18 will help to reconnect broken keratin chains within the hair, leaving the hair in a healthier, shinier state. this is an add on service, great for any client concerned with damage. 

select the "K18 MOLECULAR REPAIR TREATMENT" add on when booking online

cut & design
brazilian blowout
r+co treatment



& a gift for you

every initial install appointment will be gifted a box with a few items to help you care for your new wefts.

about extensions

handtied & weft extensions are installed using thread and minimal beading - zero glue, tape or adhesive required. they are extremely lightweight, allowing your wefts to lay comfortably & flat against your scalp. wefts can be mixed, matched and custom colored to fit your unique needs and color story. 


all initial extension appointments require an in person consultation. during this consult, we will talk about your goals and color match you. we do require a non - refundable booking fee at the time of scheduling your install. from there, we will get your hair ordered, prepared and custom colored if needed for the big install day!


during your first install visit, we will be more than happy to walk you through at home care, product recommendations & send you home with a care sheet to make sure you have all the info needed!


initial install appointment

starts at $1,000

after your consultation, we will give you a more accurate quote based on your extension goals. your initial install appointment includes your hair cost & first install cost. (plus a gift for you!)


1 row $350

2 rows $400

3 rows $450

come with clean, smooth hair to your maintenance move up appointment. includes a dry cut if needed - no wash.

extension pricing


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